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Block by Block: What’s next?

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It appears that Susan Mernit and I have both been thinking the same thing since the last #bxb2010 session wrapped and those of us who attended the reception at the Tribune Tower went our separate ways. Some of us have exchanged emails or Twitter profiles, but I’m assuming that many of us are beginning to think about what’s next – and how that larger conversation will continue.

Susan’s post provides specific examples of how we may take the conversations that began in Chicago and turn them into a true movement and should be giving the attendees and those who generously sponsored the summit some food for thought in the coming days.

There are a few mechanisms that have already appeared that I mentioned, including this very blog, a Twitter list created by Michele and a LinkedIn group created by attendee John Hawbaker of (I’m hoping that the link will take you directly to the group, otherwise search for “Block by Block – Community News Producers” in LinkedIn).

It doesn’t really matter how we go about continuing these conversations, just that we have them and build on them for the benefit of everybody.

As mentioned in Megan Garber’s Nieman Journalism Lab post today, some of us will have the chance to gather in Washington, DC in late October. Hopefully those of us that are not able to attend then will already have a good idea of what those next steps in the conversation may be (if they haven’t started already).


Written by Andre Natta

September 27, 2010 at 6:18 pm

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